Mappec Culture


We are a team of and for people. Our people are MAPPEC's most valuable capital, so we constantly invest in their development.


We strive to create a great workplace, where all of us find purpose. Our great MAPPEC family.


We do our part and more. We have a strong commitment to the planet and all the time we look for ways to improve.

Continuous Improvement


Mappec Hits

Mappec Hits

We reached our goals being Mappec, being better.


Integral System

Integral System

Change management system. At MAPPEC we innovate and understand the world in motion.


Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms

Monitoring and evaluation of projects from anywhere. We communicate better to be more effective.




In addition to ensuring a great work environment, we provide our employees with useful tools for stress management, inside and outside of work.



We promote a culture of continuous improvement to achieve a sustainable, profitable and efficient MAPPEC over time. We constantly monitor our processes for areas of opportunity and guide our staff towards leadership and the achievement of common goals.

Integral System

In Mappec, innovation is a key factor to achieve our objectives, we have managed to adopt a holistic approach in the programs, processes and activities of the organization, creating a comprehensive integral system focused on adaptating to change, and on technical and human development of our staff.


  • Internal training for all staff, on safety, quality and risk reduction issues.
  • Online courses and certifications on issues of safety, hygiene, prevention and identification of occupational hazards, etc.
  • Face-to-face courses focused on developing communication skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence, effective relationships and leadership.
  • Activities outside the workplace that promote coexistence and the importance of a healthy organizational culture.

Digital Platforms

At MAPPEC we advance along with current trends and needs. We use digital tools, platforms and services for easier and more efficient administration, monitoring and control of tasks and projects. We communicate better, and from anywhere, to be more effective.

  • platform, for the management and monitoring of projects, purchases, indicators and production control.
  • Zoom portal for video calls between collaborators, suppliers and clients.
  • Leasing of laptop computer equipment for staff.


We prioritize the care of the mental and emotional health of our work team, our weekly Mindfulness sessions taught by professional instructors, result in a significant improvement in the management of stress, conflicts and emotional intelligence, at all organizational levels of the company , inside and outside the workplace.

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