We are a 100% Mexican enterprise with 20 years in the electrical market.

Designing, manufacturing and commercializing line arresters with the best available technology, to protect the distribution and transmission lines against atmospheric discharges, contributing to the safety of millions of homes and businesses. We are the first manufacturer to offer the Externally Gaped Line Arresters (EGLA) in Mexico and Latin America.

Mappec Leadership

We are the first manufacturer of Externally Gaped Line Arresters (EGLA) in Mexico and Latin America.

Our EGLA LV® offers savings of up to 80% in installation time and resources, as well as in maintenance and correction maneuvers.
ZERO RISK for staff.
ZERO COST in non supplied energy.


Focused on the constant technological innovation of our products, we design and manufacture each line arrester under strict criteria quality and safety, with the commitment to eliminate the interruption of electricity services due to atmospheric discharges in homes and communities around the world.


To become the most reliable supplier and international ally of systems that guarantee the protection of distribution and transmission power lines in an easy, innovative and safe way.

Environmental Commitment

We are an enterprise commited with the environment, because of this our processes:

  • They do not emit waste into the atmosphere.
  • They do not generate toxic waste.
  • They don't use water.

International Presence

We are proudly Mexican, recognized beyond our borders.


Mappec representatives abroad