Our products are grouped into two classes: ALEA for Distribution and ALEA for Transmission, besides supports and accessories like the Lightning Counters, Low Tension Surge Arrester, and supporting assemblies for ALEA installation in all kind of structures, divider support for short-circuit and Insulated Pins.

Both ALEA classes and some other accessories are manufactured using Polymeric Concrete which is an insulating material for outdoor usage, made of silica sand and polyester resin. It has an excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to tracking (inclined plane and tracking wheel), as well as exceptional dielectric properties. It allows encapsulating the ALEAS’ varistors and eliminating any moisture ingress. For the ALEA 69-400 kV it’s used the Silicone Rubber HTV type with high resistance to tracking (inclined plane and tracking wheel).

All our products meet the tests indicated in the specifications: CFE 52000-04, IEC 60587 and IEC 62217


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MAPPEC is Currently certified as CFE LAPEM Reliable Supplier for all of our products, We have a quality management system based on the international ISO 9001:2008 standard, successfully certified since 2001.

In MAPPEC we fulfill with routine tests required by IEC and CFE specifications, as well as the acceptance tests like dielectric strength, isolation resistance, reference voltage, reference current and mechanical resistance.

Our Surge arresters fulfill all the requirements for the following tests: Duty Cycle, Partial Discharges and Short-Circuit described on the IEC 60099-4 and IEC 60099-8 standards.

Our products are evaluated and accepted by our clients under the standards: CFE 52000-04, CFE 52000-05, CFE 52000-66, NRF-025, NRF-045, IEC 60099-4 and IEC 60099-8.


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