About us

MAPPEC was founded in 1999 with the primary goal of giving the utilities a new and more reliable alternative to their distribution and transmission systems, protection against lightning phenomena.

We also keep an innovation policy for both products and production processes through research and development with the best electrical research institutes, such as Instituto Nacional de Electricidad y Energías Limpias (INEEL)

Since 1999 and up to 2014 we have installed more than 200,000 units for distribution (13-34.5 kV), more than 50,000 units only for 115kV and more than 5,000 for transmission (230-400 kV)


Design, manufacture and market Externally Gapped Line Arresters under the strictest quality criteria, as well as safety and health for our personnel (certified QMS), besides keeping an Innovation policy for products and processes through R&D and staff training investment
Moreover, we keep an efficient structure to allow to generate and bring together benefits to our community (Personnel and Suppliers), contributing to the development of a country of design and manufacturing of quality products.


Becoming the main supplier of Externally Gapped Line Arresters developing our own technology, in order to protect Mexican and Americas overhead lines

Quality Policy

(Quality, Safety and Laboratory)

Exceed our customers’ expectations, offering innovative and competitive product designs; manufactured under the highest quality standards; QMS (ISO 9001:2008) and SGSSO (18001:2007)

Keeping our clients services requirements. Our customer service includes; offering immediate solutions to their specific needs, achieving delivery dates and providing support on the installation and workshops.

Strategic Goals

  • Keep and improve our innovation capacity in processes and products.
  • Give active support to our clients to improve their protection scheme against lightning phenomena.
  • Ensure and keep safe and healthy our personnel during their activities in the company.
  • Guarantee that our activities performed in MAPPEC’s processes fulfill our QMS and SGSSO.
  • Keep an efficient and productive structure, systematically connected.


Av. Edo de Puebla No. 6 BIS Col. Lázaro Cárdenas C.P. 62080 Cuernavaca, Morelos, MÉXICO

Tel: 52 + 777 318 29 46

Tel/Fax: 52 + 777 314 11 22

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